Oklahoma cop saves woman suffering serious heart attack

BLANCHARD, OKLAHOMA (AP) — A woman suffering a serious heart attack in Oklahoma was saved by a police officer early Monday morning. And the roadside rescue was caught on camera.

The woman’s husband, Jeff Costello, and daughter were rushing her to the hospital and their high speed caught the attention of an officer who pulled them over.

The officer, Jordan Jones, hurried to the truck to find the woman unresponsive.

Jones and Costello pulled her out of the car and Jones quickly started CPR.

The woman, Tina Costello, started breathing and was rushed to the hospital.

Tina had a heart attack so severe that only about 10 percent of people survive it.

Days after the nearly fatal attack, she woke up.

Timing was vital in this case.

When the family got pulled over they still had a 20 minute drive to the hospital and doctors say Tina probably would not have survived that long.

They say the CPR performed by Officer Jones was delivered just in time.




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