Nor’easter Winding Down

Well our first Nor’easter of the 2018/2019 season is winding down and by Sunday morning you’ll see noticeable improvement. The widespread, steady rain we saw for most of the day is falling apart, but we will have scattered showers around for a bulk of the overnight. In addition to the showers winding down, the winds will as well. Starting from the south and moving north. Most of us will see big improvements by midnight tonight.

Now while Sunday will bring big improvements, it’s far from a great day. We’ll have a lot of clouds, but some sun appearing from time to time. It will also still be breezy – with wind gusts on the Cape and the Islands gusting to 20 mph. Again, nothing like the 60+ mph gusts of today. We could see a few sprinkles but as a whole, Sunday looks dry. That changes for Monday as more scattered showers return to the area.