Hiller Instinct: Democratic State Convention Votes

I never tell anyone how to vote…but I do have a suggestion for the State Democratic Party:  don’t embarrass yourself by eliminating Donald Berwick or Juliette Kayyem.

It’s not exactly a dream team…but, as of today, these are the 5 Democratic candidates.

Each, however, must get 15% of the vote on the first ballot at the party’s convention in Worcester, or their campaign is over.

Don’t worry about Martha Coakley or Steve Grossman:  they’ll make it.

I remember 15% as the “keep off the kooks” rule, but this time around it could become “keep off the qualified.”

“I think I am the most progressive candidate in the field, by far,” said Dr. Donald Berwick.  He’s a serious man who deserves a serious hearing.  He’s for single payer health care and he’s against casino gambling.

How could Democrats shut him out?

“The receptivity for the values I stand for:  social justice, compassion, equality, these are deeply embedded in the public of this state,” said Berwick.

And then there’s Juliette Kayyem:

“What three words best describe you?” asked Hiller.

“Bold, fearless, and optimistic,” said Kayyem.

And here are three more:  energetic, fresh, and young.

A former state and federal Homeland Security official, Kayyem would be the life of the party in this campaign…and she’d have an impact:

“I could be anyone’s worst nightmare. I mean whoever is in the race,” she said.

As for Joe Avellone, all I can say is, try to channel David Brat, the candidate who proved anything can happen by beating House Majority Leader Eric Cantor.

“All five get on?” Hiller asked Avellone.

“I don’t think the math is going to work that way,” Avellone said.            

The whole world will not be watching what happens in Worcester tomorrow…but you should take a look.

Democrats talk a lot about inclusion and diversity. We’ll see how serious they are by who gets on the ballot.