Obama’s DNC Speech

All the president had to do tonight was match the convention speeches his wife and Bill Clinton delivered.

Yes, that is a giant "all" to pull off, and the president got just about all of it.

His campaign theme is 'forward," and that was the direction of his speech, too.

“We’re not going back,” he said.

Like many speakers, he focused on the fundamental choice this election presents between two visions…but he also set out specific goals, which made the speech more meaningful than the usual campaign chatter.

Energy and excitement? You got 'em both. The president seems to connect best with big crowds, and this one was as passionate as he was.

He was also serious and humorous, in a speech that inspired Democrats and ridiculed Mitt Romney.

Here's the key to me:

When President Obama was elected, did voters think he was promising hope and change in four years, or eight?

If the answer's "eight," then Democrats tonight should be filled with hope.

But, if it's four, then change in the White House could be the Obamas moving out.