What. A. Day!

Talk about timing for Mom!  Lots of sunshine, low humidity and temps in the high 70s to 80 made for an almost picture perfect day.   Maybe a little breezy at times, but overall, we can deal with that breeze when all other weather variables hit perfection.

Steak on the grill for mom for dinner? Comfortable weather continues into this evening as temps slowly slide from the 70s, into the 60s after dark, and eventually into the 50s overnight.  Even a few upper 40s are on the board early Monday thanks to that low humidity air mass in place.

The warm weather continues for one more day as highs top 80 Monday.  In fact, low to mid 80s will be common across the area, likely pushing Boston to it’s warmest day since the 88 on September 12th.  The day is dry, so if there’s ever a Monday to extend the weekend into, tomorrow may be that day.  Good beach weather overall, and you’re braver than I if you’ve jumped in that water.

A few showers and storms may rumble in during the evening. Those showers and storms are along a backdoor cold front comes crashing in.  It’s called a backdoor cold front since it comes in from the northeast.  Most cold fronts we get come in from the west.

With winds onshore, temps are stuck in the 50s on Tuesday, a 30 degree swing and a huge change from the mid 80s on Monday.  What else would you expect from Spring here in New England?   

The rest of the week looks ok most of the time.  It’ll still be cool Wednesday with highs near 60.  We’re back near 70 Thursday – Saturday, although it may run a few degrees cooler Friday as bands of rain likely move in.  As of now, I’ll push that rain east for Saturday, but it’s a stubbornly slow system, so that’s subject to change. 

Hope all you moms had a fantastic and relaxing day!

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