Hank Investigates: Gas Pump Creep

BRAINTREE, MA (WHDH) - Look at this!

“I’m not even pumping the gas.”

The meter at this Braintree gas station is running, but no gas is coming out!

“This is weird.”

The guy who sent us this video, is paying for gas he didn’t get.

Hank: “What do you see happening here?”

We showed the video to Braintree’s Weights and Measures inspector, Michael McGourty.

Hank: “What do you think when you see this?”
Inspector Michael McGourty, Braintree Department of Weights and Measures: “I think consumers should be aware this can happen.”

Experts call this gas pump creep! And it can happen when you start to fill up, or after you finish.

Hank: “Have you ever heard of gas pump creep?”
Driver: “Creep? No, I have not.”

It may be costing you too.

Hank: “What if you saw it?”
Driver: “I would be rather upset.”

This Framingham inspector opened a properly working gas pump to show us it’s usually mechanical, a broken hose or a nozzle malfunction or a faulty valve; it can also be cold weather!

That means it’s unpredictable and inconsistent.

Inspector Edward Seidler, Framingham Department of Weights and Measures: “If it wants to do it, okay, you know, it will do it.”

Here in Taunton, this inspector says “creep” is the number one complaint about gas stations!

Hank: “Are people angry when they call you when they complain?”
Dave Enos, Taunton Department of Weights and Measures: “They’re a little upset.”

It’s not a conspiracy to rip you off.

Inspector Edward Seidler: “You cannot make any pump do a creep.”

But these videos we found on YouTube:

“The pump is in my hand…”

Show it could happen anywhere.

“Still moving!”

How can you protect your pocketbook? Easy.

Never pump gas until you check for all zeros and when you stop pumping gas, make sure the meter does too.
Or else?

Hank: “You’re paying for gas you didn’t get?”
Inspector Edward Seidler: “Correct.”

If this happens to you, tell the gas station immediately and local inspectors need to know too.

Contact your city or town weights and measures department and tell them the following information:

• Gas station name
• Gas station address
• Pump number
• Date and time the incident happened, if you took video send that to them as well and let us know too, send it to: tellhank@whdh.com.

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