10-year-old honors Tom Brady with massive mosaic made of Rubik’s cubes

WESTWOOD, MASS. (WHDH) - A 10-year-old in Westwood paid tribute to Tom Brady using a particularly creative approach, a Rubik’s cube.

Fourth-grader Max made the massive mosaic out of 999 Rubik’s cubes, each carefully placed.

“I like Rubik’s cubes and I also like Tom Brady, so I decided to do this,” Max said. “Started from the bottom and worked my way up.”

The project began months ago with a good game plan.

“This is a picture of Tom Brady that I colored to help me build this thing,” Max said, referring to a drawing that shows which colors he would use and where to create Brady.

After months of planning and building, Max’s hard work paid off and he’s hoping the school project will catch the eye of the GOAT.

“I want to ask Tom Brady to sign this and then I’ll probably sell this and I’ll donate the money to the Westwood Public Schools for sports protection gear,” Max said.

The mosaic will be featured at Max’s elementary school STEM festival, which is scheduled for Wednesday.

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