10-year-old saves brother after car crash

Brotherly love sent a 10-year-old into action when a truck slammed into his family’s SUV.

He got his baby brother out of the car and his heroic actions, saved the young boy’s life.

The boys’s family SUV was hit by a FedEx truck that ran a red light last Friday. That is when, while being held upside down by his seat belt, the boy remembered his little brother was in the seat next to him and he jumped into action.

“I undid my seat belt and I flew to the roof of the car and I, with this arm I held him up,” said 10-year-old Grayson Wilkenson, “and then with this arm I undid the latches and got him out.”

The family made it out with minor injuries and Grayson is now being hailed a hero.

The family has also filed a civil suit against the driver who blew the red light.


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