BOSTON (WHDH) - Seagulls have been causing problems recently on Castle Island in South Boston, leaving customers at one restaurant unable to eat outside. 

Workers at Sullivan’s say, day in and day out, the birds swoop down and steal food. 

This summer, they say, it seems the birds have become angrier. 

“You can see them,” said Sully’s Assistant General Manager Will Cummings. “They plan their little bombardment and they stay there and they go boom!”

Seagulls have been stealing food right off outdoor tables. Sometimes, the birds have taken food out of customers’ hands. 

As a result, Sully’s has roped off outdoor tables and put up signs reading “Beware seagulls.” 

“[T]hey come swiping down and take two, three hotdogs at once,” Cummings said.

As assistant general manager, it has been Cummings’ job to take on the birds this summer.

“It’s dangerous because we have kids around here too and elderly folk that like to sit and eat but they’re bombarded,” he said.

While it is unclear why exactly the gulls are worse this year than others, Cummings has a theory.

“Since COVID, this was our first year where we put the tables back out and I think the seagulls missed the tables, clearly, because they’re very hungry,” he said. 

The tables will remain closed, for the time being while Cummings decides his next move. 

In a worst case scenario, Sully’s may have to take out its outdoor tables for the rest of the summer. 

In the meantime, staff say it is their policy to remake any food for customers whose food gets taken by a seagull.

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