Allston chemical supplier teams up with hospitals, marijuana packagers to make hand sanitizer

BOSTON (WHDH) - A local chemical plant is pooling its resources with hospitals and marijuana companies to pump out 6,000 gallons of hand sanitizer to help prevent the coronavirus.

The Houghton Chemical Corporation in Allston blends ethanol for pharmaceutical, cosmetic and industrial purposes, meaning they had a key ingredient in large supply.

“The ethanol, which is what we have here, … is the main ingredient, then there are different additives to preserve it and help out with softness of your hands,” said plant manager Chuck McCarte.

“We decided why don’t we make some of our own in house for our people and their families who can’t buy it in the stores,” said operations manager Nadya Avanesova.

The sanitizer is more of a liquid than a gel, but it kills germs just the same. And after filling every empty bottle they could get their hands on, managers realized they could provide sanitizer for others too.

“We’re working with the hospitals and they’re working with marijuana package facilities to package the material,” said CEO Bruce Houghton. “This was one way we could contribute as fast as we could to what Americans need at this time.”

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