Amazing Cold Airmass

That sunshine out there today is strong as we are just 2 weeks away from the vernal equinox. Essentially, the sun’s strength is similar to an early October sun so it should be able to warm a bitter airmass. Nope, not today. That goes to show you just how intense this arctic air is as morning temps, starting in the single numbers, struggle to reach the upper 20s by afternoon. Hey, at least it’s sunny…and not Monday.

Friday morning we start frigid yet again but the daytime recovery will be impressive as the thermometers soar from the single numbers all the way into the low 40s by afternoon. #Impressive #MostImpressive. Another sign of (early) spring will be our first sea breeze of the season! The light winds will allow a gentle breeze to drift in from the chilly ocean keeping coastal areas (Boston included) in the upper 30s.

Onto the weekend and the fun portion of the blog. We have a mix of sun & clouds both days and quite the warm up slated for Saturday. I think most towns will flirt with 50 by afternoon! Even the coast as a northwest breeze will fight back that chilly ocean air. Sunday will see a minor step back as most towns high high temps in the low 40s under a partly cloudy sky.

It will warm up. Guaranteed.