Jeremy Reiner

Back To Reality

I have never been to Denver but follow their weather from time to time and they do have some wild swings in the weather goingRead More

Record Warmth–Day Two

No doubt about it…….quite warm for these parts with many cities and towns reaching the 70s–even the low 80s up in Fitchburg! Never in recordedRead More

Up and Down Temps..Mostly Up.

You roll into mid February and some early signs of spring appear…..increased daylight being a big one but also some warm days and check outRead More

Winter Still On Vacation

After a weekend full of rain & mild temps, the dry, arctic air is set to return. This, however, does not signal a return toRead More

More Ups And Downs Ahead

La Nina winters are notorious for up and down temperature swings (as well as messy storms). We certainly have a classic La Nina on ourRead More

Messy Wednesday

I feel like our winter storms have been midweek storms this winter—yes? We have another on tap tomorrow and while not a Bomb Cyclone, itRead More

Tricky Travel

Nice way to start February—afternoon temps well into the 40s! We’ll hold onto the mild air this evening but an arctic front is plowing acrossRead More


Warm fronts, cold fronts and storms…..all three can make a mess of outdoor plans, travel plans as well as wreck havoc on temperatures. We don’tRead More