A baby monitor ended up being a life saver for one mom’s newborn.

Stephanie Sjogren’s new son Andrew was born premature, so she ordered a special baby monitor that monitors the baby’s vitals, like heart rate and breathing.

Sjogren gets alerts on her phone if something is wrong, and one night, an alert work her up. She ran into baby Andrew’s room and found him struggling to breath.

"I kind of flipped on the light and pick him up and he has chunks of formula in his nose. So he’s not breathing, I’m freaking out and I go and get the nasal aspirator and get the chunks out and he lefts out this relief scream. I’m crying, he’s crying," said Sjogren.

Doctors told her Andrew had acid reflux.

The baby monitor is not an FDA approved medical device, but they are working with them to produce a medical version.

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