Bothering The Fish

Dang….while getting ready this morning it sounded like winter storm outside with that wind but when I opened the window for a finer observation (to determine if it was heavy rain or wind or both) I was hit with a wave of tropics-like air! This storm definitely had a tropical feel to it #TheGhostOfPatricia.

The storm did a number to our leaves with heavy rain and strong wind overnight. Most towns picked up over an inch of (beneficial) rain and some towns had wind gusts near 40mph through the night. Thankfully, the heaviest of the rain & wind now moving out to sea to bother the fish. There still will be some wind through the day–gusting between 20-30 mph–but not strong enough for damage. That wind will also dry out the air with developing sunshine by noon and sunny skies during the afternoon. That wind direction is from the southwest so our warm weather stays put….allowing temps to hang in the low 70s. Have that wardrobe sync up with a day in September. Speaking of bothering the fish…the Pats-Dolphins game this evening at Gillette is warm & windy with kickoff temps in the 60s. There is the slight risk of brief shower/sprinkle just before kickoff but overall a dry game.

Sunshine is back tomorrow and so are October temps…mid & upper 50s. A cool breeze is with us for much of the day. Halloween looks dry & cool–afternoon temps in the low 50s and evening temps in the upper 40s. Little to no wind tho.