TOWNSEND, Conn. (WHDH) — When Phillip Dwyer broke his leg he got a much more serious diagnosis than he expected; Phillip had bone cancer.

But thanks to some help from his Boy Scout Troop he’s able to get around with ease while he undergoes treatment.

Because if the treatment Phillip has to use a motorized scooter to travel around, but that made getting up his front steps difficult.

“The first couple of times in was carrying him in and out which is not necessarily a safe or easy thing,” Phillip’s dad Stephen Dwyer said.

Phillip’s Boy Scout troop, Troop 81, visited him in the hospital and decided to help.

“The troop volunteered to build the ramp to get Phil in and out of the house,” Danny Silva, one of the boys in Troop 81, said.

The boy’s even helped put a smile on Phillip’s face.

“At the end when they finished it I went down it, and everybody was wheeling me around in my wheelchair. We were having fun,” Phillip said.

Philip joined cub scouts when he was eight. He’s usually is the one lending other people a hand, but for Philip and his family it was a powerful show of the troops' dedication when they showed up to make life a little easier for them.

“We can never thank them enough for it,” Stephen Dwyer said.

Phillip still has several months of treatment ahead and his family said they are looking forward to taking the ramp down when he is better.

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