Christmas comes early for a boy battling brain cancer

An entire town in Canada has gotten into the holiday spirit a few months early, all for one little boy. 

Evan Leversage is battling brain cancer, and he isn’t expected to live through Christmas this year. 

That’s why his family decided to throw him an early celebration. 

"I’ve already seen what cancer has done to Evan, and I wasn’t going to sit around and wait and see if it was going to steal a Christmas from him," said Evan’s mother, Nicole Wellwood.

But what started as a small family affair quickly blossomed into a city-wide effort, complete with a snow machine and Christmas parade. 

Gifts came from near and far and included a voice recording of Spongebob Square Pants and a Batman hat from the family of Canadian pop star Justin Bieber. 

The local police department also made Evan an honorary member, since his dream was to one day become a police officer. 

There was even a gift for Evan’s mother, a small pendant with Evan’s picture to keep him close to her heart. 

Evan’s two brothers appeared to enjoy the festivities, but they were well aware of why Christmas had to come early. 

"It’s kind of sad to hear the story and what’s going on, but it’s pretty fun. It’s pretty awesome that people are doing this," explained Logan Leversage, Evan’s brother. 

"Nobody should have to prepare to say goodbye to a 7-year-old, and to know that there’s that many strangers out there that are sending you positive thoughts and stuff is just, you know, mind-blowing," said Ashley Agar, Evan’s aunt.  

While Evan isn’t expected to live through December, his mother is still hopeful.

"Our true Christmas miracle will be that Evan does get two Christmases," Nicole said. 

An estimated 7,000 people turned up to the parade on Saturday to wish Evan a Merry Christmas. 
It was an experience his family said they will never forget.

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