Crow or gorilla? Video of bird ‘sunning’ itself leaves internet baffled

(WHDH) — A video of a bird that’s been dubbed “gorilla crow” has taken the internet by storm, baffling the masses in the process.

Keita Simpson tweeted a video of a large-billed crow striking an unusual pose at a mall in Japan last week.

The crow’s pose looks uncannily like one an ape would strike. Perhaps the bird had been hitting the weight room and wanted to show off its progress.

Kaeli Swift, who has a degree in crow behavior, says the bird was likely adopting a “sunning” posture.

When crows get into such a stance, Swift says they lower their wings and widen their legs, making it seem as if they are “standing” on their wings.

David Slager, a scientist at the University of Washington, says the bird could have been “emaciated.”

“The keel looks highly pronounced here, which could indicate loss of breast muscle. Tired or hungry birds also often droop their wings down like this,” he said on a tweet.

Either way, the crow has become an unlikely internet star.


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