Day 365

Day 365…wow, another year just about in the books. In terms of the weather, we’ll end the year on a cold note with most towns once again starting in the teens (Boston at 20) and likely failing to reach 32 degrees. These chilly temps are far from bitter cold readings but when they are stacked up against our mild month it certainly feels cold. As for First Night festivities, plan on dry & chilly temps with evening numbers in the mid 20s & midnight temps near 23 (upper teens outside of town). We also catch a break with no strong wind, just an occasional breeze in the city through the day-night.

New Years day offers much the same as today, sunshine but cold with temps near 30. If you are a skier, this is fantastic as we see seasonal temps, light winds & brilliant sunshine for the remainder of the week.

Our next storm is looming out west (snow in Las Vegas baby!) and will head this way over the weekend. The track of the storm is nothing different from our other December storms…an inside runner (as in well inland) and this inside track means mostly rain. The difference with this storm is the front end as it will bump into leftover arctic air in new England. This means we all start with some snow Saturday evening (8-10pm) before changing over to freezing rain/rain early Sunday morning. I think most towns get between 1-3″ (metro Boston an inch, maybe 2″) of snow before the changeover with towns located along/near 495 & west of there (ie Worcester, Fitchburg, Westford, Nashua, Lawrence) getting between 3-5″ of snow. Messy indeed.

Looking ahead into 2015 I hope it’s as fun & exciting as 2014 has been and I hope whatever it is you’re looking for you find it in 2015!

Be safe & have fun tonight—-see you next year. ;o)