BOSTON (WHDH) - Doctors are warning New Englanders of frostbite as dangerously cold temperatures and wind chills move through the region Friday and Saturday.

Boston medical professionals say even 20 minutes of exposed skin is enough to get hurt and are urging people to bundle up properly.

Dr. Matthew Mostofi of Tufts Medical Center says he is already seeing cold weather injuries in the emergency room, noting that the areas most at risk for frostbite are the nose, ears, fingers, and toes.

“Those are the first places that your body sucks blood away to keep the core warm and they end up being more susceptible to injury,” Mostofi said.

Even a quick drive can put people in danger, according to Mostofi.

“You never know what happens on that short trip to school that gets you trapped,” and ” He said. “You’re forced to change a tire in the cold, that’s when you actually sustain an injury.”

Nurse Practitioner Yuliya Shanley from Physician One Urgent Care is urging anyone brave enough to venture out in the extreme cold to cover up properly.

“Make sure that you’re dressed in layers, make sure you’re covering your face and nose, wearing warm gloves and socks, and getting inside as fast as you can,” she said.

Shanley added that frostbite and hypothermia symptoms can include shivering, coldness, confusion, pain in extremities, red discoloration and paleness.

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