CHELSEA, MASS. (WHDH) - A driver crashed into a two-family home on Carmel Street in Chelsea early this morning, damaging at least six parked cars.

The car slammed into the home around 1 a.m. this morning, crushing the front of it and deploying the airbags. A gray car down the street also appeared to be involved– its front bumper was lying in the middle of the street. A total of six parked cars were damaged; one had its side mirrors ripped off and several others had dents and scratches.

Home surveillance cameras also show the moment two cars crashed at the intersection of Carmel and Bloomingdale Streets early this morning. Police said a 27-year-old driver ran a stop sign, hitting another car, before plowing into the foundation of a two-family home. Crews have since boarded up the hole in the home’s foundation. Photos taken from inside the home show the car damaged the foundation of the home and almost knocked the gas meter off the wall.

A man who lives inside the home said he was sitting on his front porch at the time of the crash and felt the house shake.

“All of a sudden I hear a crash and I see a car going this way all the way down the street. I didn’t see the other car hit the house but the house shook,” said Bill Martinez. “And she hit eight cars down the lane and then one of her tires fell right there.”

First responders said the woman driving the car that got hit somehow ended up out of the car before it crashed into six other parked vehicles. Chelsea Fire said the driver was taken to the hospital after collapsing on the sidewalk.

“I see this girl running, because she’s my daughter’s friend, and then she collapsed right here, right here on my foot,” said Martinez.

Police said the driver who ran the stop sign isn’t injured, but was taken into custody and later arrested for operating under the influence of alcohol after leaving the scene and then returning.

Residents said it’s amazing no one else was hurt.

“I did not see the other car hit the house, but the house shook,” said Martinez.

Insurance adjusters are still tallying up the damage left behind, including the six parked cars. Department of Public Works employees were also on scene, and plan to install new stop signs in the area. Police said the driver was booked overnight at police headquarters and is scheduled to appear in court later today.

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