Dust It Off and Go

It’s official… blizzard conditions were met across 6 locations across Southeast Mass during the storm yesterday.  Plymouth, Nantucket, Martha’s Vineyard, Chatham, Hyannis and Falmouth. https://nwschat.weather.gov/p.php?pid=201602082238-KBOX-NOUS41-PNSBOX These locations also tended to have the highest snow totals with many towns falling in the 8-11" range on the Cape and Islands.  Close to the Boston metro area and through many suburbs, 5-7" seemed to be the general range.  Officially Boston picked up 6.4" and Worcester picked up 5.5"

It was a dry snow, easy to clean up and with linger light snow overnight, you’ll likely have to dust of the car again before heading out back to work and back to school. Today is a dry day with temps near 30 degrees and mostly cloudy skies. 

While I don’t see any big storms over the next several days, there are a few opportunities for snow flakes to fly.  The first opportunity comes in here tomorrow with scattered snow showers rolling through.  The energy that’ll drive these snow showers is to our west today and is quite potent.  If the bulk of the energy slides in, some heavier snow showers/squalls could locally drop a coating -2" of snow, so we’ll have to keep an eye on this set-up.  

Snow showers are possible Thursday with an arctic front, followed by cold weather Friday. 

If Friday is not cold enough, this weekend is BITTER!  Weather-wise that is, hopefully your Valentine isn’t :-).  A spot snow shower is possible Saturday, but the them of the cold air pouring in is the headline. Temps run in the teens by day and near/below 0 for many Saturday night and early Sunday morning. 

Winter finally show up! Have a good day, careful on the side streets this morning. 

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