Even with the new, cooler air-mass in place, today turned out to be really nice!  Nantucket made it up to a high of 80°, but that’s partially because they started the day at 68°.  Most locations had a small range in temps today, due to a somewhat muggy and mild start.  Eric in Hopkinton reports a low of 66° and a high of 75°; that’s only a 9 degree difference!  Mild start, followed by a pleasant afternoon… I’d say it was an easy "transition" day for us, from summer into fall.

The first official day of fall isn’t until Wednesday (Autumnal Equinox), but it already felt a bit more "fall-like" today with the drier air and cool breeze.  If the "changes" in the weather weren’t apparent to you today, they will be very obvious tonight!  I finally turned off our AC unit in preparation for some "open window" nights ahead.  Skies stay clear tonight, and temps will drop back into the low 40s for the coolest spots in the ‘burbs; low to mid 50s for Boston.  The kiddos will probably need a jacket/sweater for the bus stop tomorrow morning.  No more 60° lows in our forecast – but we’re also still a ways away from watching out for frost!  The average "first frost" for Boston isn’t until the first week of November – end of October for the ‘burbs around the city – and second week of October for Worcester.  

Bright sunshine sounds like a good way to kick off the work week, but it will be noticeably cooler tomorrow (if today wasn’t).  Temps will top out in the mid to upper 60s, and that breeze will continue to kick all day long (NE 10-20mph), especially along the coastline.  "Breezy in Boston," it really will be (I really wish that could’ve been my Twitter handle, but it was already taken)!  :c)

I broke out the crockpot today.  I’ve been "pinning" some great soup/stew recipes all summer long on Pinterest, and this week’s weather will be perfect for crock-pot-cookin’.  I see your pumpkin spice latte, and I raise you a spicy beef chili!  – Breezy

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