Wow!  What a weekend we had weather-wise across the area as it turned out perfect for just about any outdoor activities you had planned, including the beach.  We hit 87 degrees in Boston, which is very warm for this time of year, but missed the record of 90 in town, which we hit way, way back in 1881 and 1873.   The great back about this late season warm up was that it came without a surge in humidity, so the evenings and overnights were still comfy.

Winds of change are in the forecast today and as winds turn from the west to the northeast, we’ll note quite the temperatures drop late this afternoon as temps go from 74-80 (warmest inland) around midday to the 60s late this afternoon.  More clouds move in this afternoon, but it should remain rain free, although patchy drizzle is possible tonight.

Get used to temps in the 60s, as onshore winds prevail throughout the week.  The cloudiest of the days are Tuesday and Wednesday with a few sprinkles possible Tuesday and a few spotty showers possible Wednesday, especially near the coast.  It’s not a drought buster, so we’ll still be looking for more rain after this, which will come in as a few showers on Saturday.

Have a great day!


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