A boy and his family were kicked off of a plane because of his allergies, and passengers cheered as they left. 

What those people did not know is the boy was on a special trip with his sick father. 

Now, the family is calling for a little compassion. 

Instead of sight-seeing on a ferry, 7-year-old Giovanni, his mom Christina and his dad George should have already boarded a flight. 

The trip from Washington state back home to Phoenix was interrupted by Giovanni’s allergic reaction. 

It delayed take-off and then the family was told they would have to de-board. 

"We understood, we gathered our stuff, they helped us off the plane, but when we stood up to walk out, they clapped," Christina said. 

The clapping crushed the little boy. 

"People who do not have sadness they don’t understand what it feels like to have sadness," Giovanni said. 

The passengers didn’t understand what Giovanni and his family have been through. The trip to Washington was on a bucket list. 

It was a chance to visit family for a very important reason. 

"My dad is sick with stage four throat cancer and that really made me sadder [sic] when I was already sad," Giovanni said. 

George’s cancer is terminal and with time running out, this trip was supposed to be a special one. 

"To make memories and i’m sad this has to be a memory with my dad," Giovanni said. 

Now, they are trying to turn something terrible into a teaching moment.

A patient’s call for courtesy, that’s the message the family wants to leave behind. 

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