I had a Chandler Bing moment yesterday when outside…Could it BE any nicer?! Wow, such an awesome day on so many levels and weather was right there too with sunshine, light winds & warm temps as many cities & towns reached 70 for a short time. I think we can eek out another fine day today.

There will be a few more clouds taking over the sky as the day grows older but it stays dry during the daylight hours. Those clouds are tied to our next weather player–a cool front. Despite more clouds and this so called cool front, our numbers will be above normal yet again with many cities & towns up near 70 this afternoon. This evening the clouds gather and there will be a few isolated showers across southern New England anytime after 8pm—yes, this includes Fenway Park but that game will get played as these showers are not heavy or long-lasting.

Tomorrow, that cool front slams on the brakes which will keep a lot of clouds in here as well as a continued threat of showers for much of the day. I hesitate to call this a washout because the showers won’t be heavy and they will be isolated in nature meaning many cities & towns will stay dry tomorrow. It is a windy & cooler day compared to today with temps in the upper 50s.

The sun is back in full force on Thursday but that wind will hang with us one more day. A cool wind too with temps still in the upper 50s (technically, normal for this time of year).


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