At the age of 43 I consider myself a Work In Progress. One area that needs constant attention is my use of filters. Only now am I understanding how filters work but still have setbacks, like when blogging about the weather…..The weather this week blows. Oops I did it again.

The reason for this is a stationary front that will just waver across New England for several days. These fronts are great producers of clouds, rain & drizzle. Today we catch a break as the front will only produce clouds (stray shower possible across southern NH). The other break some of you get is the location of that front. South & west of the front, temps will reach the 50s. Locations away from the ocean–especially west of I-95 are the lucky ducks. Coastal cities & towns should plan on temps in the 40s this afternoon.

That front settles south of New England tomorrow putting everyone in the cool, raw zone—40s AND this front will not only produce clouds but also periods of rain for much of the day. Most towns pick up around .50-1.00″ of rain.

More rain & drizzle is expected for Wednesday-Friday with only light amounts of rain Wednesday-Thursday (steadier rain likely Friday afternoon/evening). Temps take a hit with this forecasted rain, only reaching the low 40s each afternoon.

The weather improves by the weekend.


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