First responders describe scene of mass shooting at Florida school

PARKLAND, Fla. (WHDH) — First responders opened up about the horror they found inside the Florida high school where a former student shot and killed 17 people.

“The first thing we saw was a victim on the west doors. We checked on that victim, that victim was deceased,” said Coral Spring Police Sgt. Nicholas Mazzei.

Those who entered Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School after the shooting said they found the building riddled with bullet holes. The hallways were silent.

“Very poor visibility. Just from the amount of gunfire that had taken place,” said Coral Spring patrol officer George Schmidt. “Spent shell casings all over the ground. You could see multiple victims in the hallway that were beyond assistance.” Schmidt eventually found the gunman’s rifle on the ground on the third floor.

The first responders said they feel blessed they were able to go home and hug their own children.

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