(WHDH) — A Florida man is speaking out after he unexpectedly came face-to-face with a bull shark.

Freediver Captain John Moore and his crew were able to snap a few jaw-dropping photos of the predator after they met while spearfishing off of Florida’s east coast.

“She was kind of unique in that she came powering right up through the other bulls, she was super dominant, sort of right in the forefront of everything,” Moore explained. “She was swimming right up to my mask, just kind of sizing up what was going on out there and she was just so impressive.”

Bull sharks are believed to be among the most aggressive sharks in the ocean.

They are large, have rows of razor-sharp teeth and usually travel in packs. This did not intimidate Moore though.

“A lot of people think bull shark and they think ‘scary, intimidating predator’. I don’t see them like that at all,” he said.

For him, this experience was truly special.

“She looked like she was ready to pop. She was almost like round she was so big,” he said. “This bull shark was pregnant.”

Moore and his crew were able to sit by and watch her for more than 45 minutes.

Florida is home to the most sharks of any area along the east coast. Captain Moore hopes this close encounter and the stunning photos help bring more awareness about this type of shark.

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