It was wet last night, with most areas picking up between 1-2" of rainfall!  Many of us woke up this morning to large puddles all around, and it left us with the question "rain boots or flip flops?"  The easy answer?  Both.  Start with the boots and change into sandals later today. The sunshine will come out to play, and the heat is on for the weekend.

Patchy fog is still lingering in some areas (SE) this morning, but conditions will continue to improve as we work toward lunchtime.  Clouds break apart and become more scarce this afternoon, leaving us with sunshine and warmth.  Highs are seasonable today; near 80 for most and even into the low 80s for the interior.  The sea breeze will keep coastal areas in the 70s for the afternoon, but it's still a great summer day to get out and enjoy.

How's your 'do?  And by "'do" I mean "hair-do."  It seems like the humidty has been the talk of the town lately, with more muggy days than not.  We use the dewpoint temperature to get an idea of how humid it is outside.  Dewpy-dewps (as I once heard some brilliant person call them) will be around 60° for today and tomorrow.  While that's bearable, it's still noticeably muggy for most and could make some 'do's a little frizzy and/or wavy.  The dewpoints will be going up on Sunday, and even more-so on Monday… So, get the hair-gel, hair-spray and hair-ties handy.  We're downright sticky to start next week.

I know the rain this morning had some worried that the weekend would be a lost cause.  NOT the case!  A great weekend is in store as high pressure works in to keep us dry – that means sunshine takes over and the heat will set in.  Thank goodness for the refreshing sea breeze on Saturday, as temps will be in the mid to upper 80s.  Not hot enough for you?  Just wait a day!  Boston has yet to hit 90° this summer, but we could make a good run at it on Sunday.

TGIF!  – Breezy

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