Goodbye Winter–We Hardly Knew Ya

Meteorologically speaking, this was the last day of winter. Meteorologists like to use the 3 coldest/warmest months of the year when figuring statistics for winter/summer and when we look at this winter–December 1st through February 29th it is remarkable how warm it has been. Some stats for ya:

* 2nd warmest winter on record. Only the winter of 2001-2002 being warmer. Last year ranked 120th.

* Boston had 35 days of 91 days when temps reached at least 50 degrees–essentially 1 of every 3 days had 50 degree weather.

* The city only had 11 days when the temp was not warmer than 32 degrees.

* Oddly enough, snowfall isn’t even in the lowest 20 seasons….currently the city has 25.4" of snow—only slightly below normal.

As for the first day of meteorological spring, plan on sunshine and seasonable temps with most towns reaching the low 40s…pretty close to normal. A nice late winter (early spring) day. Wednesday is when our next storm arrives and it will follow a path like it’s older brothers & sisters—-to our west. That means, once again, rain is with us not snow. Raindrops must mean warmth & that is the case with temps starting the day near 50 & hanging in the 50s fore the first half of the day. The rain scoots outta here early afternoon but so will the warmth. Much colder air blasts into New England by late day and is with us for the remainder of the week.

There is the threat of a storm on Friday afternoon and with leftover cold air from Thursday it would take the form of snow but as of now the track of the storm looks too far south for any snow. By Wednesday, the track of the storm should be set….we’ll know by then if winter attempts a (brief) comeback or if we can stay focused on spring.