Gov. Maura Healey addressed current conditions for MBTA riders on Monday a matter of days after the MBTA released a new report on speed restrictions across various tracks last week. 

Speaking at an event in Lynn, Healey said her office is working to address issues that have been frequently delaying commuters. She added that the MBTA’s new report helps the agency be transparent about what needs to be addressed. 

“I think what youve seen from us and what you’ll continue to see from us is transparency,” Healey said. “People may not always like the news. But we are going to be straight and direct about what is happening as we learn.”

“We put that information out for commuters so people can plan their days and their travel and commute,” Healey continued. 

Healey has said she considers issues with the MBTA to be a major priority for her administration. 

The T’s report last week covered speed restrictions in the month of January, specifically showing 13.1% of Orange Line track — 2.9 miles — had restrictions. 

On the Red Line, the figure was 9.1% of track — 3.8 miles.

On the Green Line, it is possible to walk faster than trains traveling on 100 feet of westbound track between Kenmore and Fenway stations, where a power issue has forced a three mile-per-hour restriction. 

For now, the speed restriction data is coming in a monthly report. By March, officials said the T plans to update information daily. See the MBTA’s January speed restriction report here. See a full safety dashboard including updates on a series of improvements to MBTA infrastructure in response to federal mandates here.

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