Hello? Spring?

We’re all looking for spring, and according to the calendar it arrives on Friday at 6:46pm.  However, it seems more like Old Man Winter has stolen Spring’s entrance with more cold weather and even some snow this weekend.  Yikes.  Please remember, I’m just the messenger, okay?  I have no actual control over the weather.  If I did, I would bring on the blooming of tulips and daffodils! 

The cold made its way back into the picture today.  The high in Boston was only 30 degrees, plus we had the gusty winds keeping wind chills in the teens.  Just an interesting tidbit, March 18th for the last two years (2013 & 2014) saw high of just 33 degrees.  So, I guess it’s not out of the norm.  What is out of the norm though was the high of 74 on this day in 2012!  We can dream of better days…

The winds will continue to kick at us through the night, and mostly clear skies will mean cold temps.  Lows will be 8-20 degrees.  The winds will die down gradually, but they will still be a factor in the forecast tomorrow.  NW winds 15-20mph with gusts up to 30mph are still likely all day Thursday.  Highs will be very similar to today; low 30s.  It’s hard for me to forget that a “normal” high for this time of year is 46.

Yes, spring arrives on Friday and Mother Nature is throwing herself a party with confetti.  A storm will pass mainly to our south, but it looks to spread snow throughout the Bay State on Friday evening/night.  I think we’ll see flakes start to fly in time for the evening commute.  Accumulating snow will favor south of the Turnpike, but plowable snow is possible there.  I’m thinking 1-3″ is not out of the question for most of us, and 3-5″ is possible in SE Mass.  Still a couple of days to nail down the details, and I’ll be watching this one closely.  

Everyone keeps asking where the light at the end of the tunnel is… and I wish I could see it myself.  Long range forecasts show temps staying below average through Easter.  Wah. Wah.  “Sounds like someone’s got a ‘case of the Mondays!'”  Yup.  I do.

Hang in there.  Even if we skip through spring, summer will surely arrive at some point, right?  – Bri