This morning it seemed like the day would be a total loss to the clouds, and then… EUREKA!  The sunshine was late to the party, but it did make it before last call.  Now that the clear skies have arrived, it's nothing but sun and a few fair-weather clouds tomorrow.

Our temps will also rebound tomorrow, thanks to Mr. Sun.  We're back into the low 80s for the interior, while a sea breeze will keep coastal locations in the 70s.  We did miss the brunt of the storm that passed by offshore (giving us the clouds today), but that storm did manage to stir up the ocean.  If you're going to head to the beach tomorrow and take advantage of the sunshine and warmer temps, keep in mind that seas are expected to be 2-4'.  This may be good surfing for the experts, but there is also a moderate risk of rip currents tomorrow.  Just use the "Buddy System," and keep a good head-count on everyone you take with you.

Enjoy the sunshine tomorrow, because it will disappear again on Tuesday.  Many people have been asking when the lawns and gardens can expect a drink… and it looks like this is our next good shot at a free watering from Mother Nature.  Looking at the timeline, I'm not so much concerned with the morning commute on Tuesday, but the showers and storms will most likely affect the afternoon/evening commute.  Some of these showers/storms could be slow and juicy – which means localized flooding is a possibility.  Generally speaking, we can expect around 0.50" of rain through the day, but some areas could pick up between 1-2" if downpours hang around long enough.  This is definitely a day we'll be watching closely.

Meanwhile, enough of this "fall tease" with the temperatures!  I'm not ready to break out my boots, scarves and sweaters just yet… So let's bring back the neon T's and bangle bracelets instead – because the 80s are back, Baby!  (By that I mean, we will have temps in the 80s for the end of the week and into next weekend… but if you decide you also want to dress like Cyndi Lauper – I certainly support that).  Enjoy the rest of the weekend!  – Breezy

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