Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

Any time one can experience sunshine & 60 degree temps in the month of November….things are alright! We’ve had a warm month with only two chilly days at this point. We have a cool day ahead though with no 60 degree weather in sight on that 7-day forecast. High Pressure snuck in from Canada overnight & while it will deliver ample sunshine the next couple of days that dry air is also chilly air. Temps this morning are off to a colder start than yesterday—by 10-15 degrees in many cases! Here in solar winter (three darkest months of the year) the sun isn’t strong enough to make a recovery from a cold morning and so the result is a cool afternoon with many cities & towns only in the upper 40s (compared to 60 yesterday). Despite the chill, a nice late fall day–really the next two days–on tap!

Our next storm is set to arrive late week with some beneficial rainfall. It is a slow moving system (currently located in the center part of the nation) and this slow moving storm buys us a few dry days but by Thursday, starts to affect us. First in the form of clouds but then rain by late day Thursday and lasting into midday Friday. The slow moving nature of the storm means most towns likely pick up an inch of rain for the event. This may lead to some travel issues for the Friday morning commute but overall, the rain is welcome.

As of now, the weekend is 50/50 with Saturday being the drier of the two days with partly sunny skies. Sunday isn’t washed out but a lot of clouds with a few isolated rain showers are possible–even a few wet snowflakes too! Egad. Chilly both days.