Hingham chorus students surprise teacher with song at wedding rehearsal

Students in Hingham had a sweet surprise for one of their teachers.

Christopher Landis, a Hingham Middle School chorus teacher, was given a surprise serenade by his own students at the rehearsal brunch for his wedding last month.

“All of a sudden, as soon as I saw Alexandra walk in, I was like, ‘Oh, my goodness.’ And then they just all started coming in and that’s when I lost it,” Landis said.

A parent who caught wind of Landis’s upcoming nuptials to his partner, Joe, came up with the idea.

But the students put it into action, rehearsing the Beatles’s classic “All You Need is Love” every Sunday for a month.

“Everybody really just wanted it to be the perfect moment. We wanted him to like, not in a bad way, we wanted him to cry,” said student Bridget Foley.

The kids say Landis, who has been teaching at Hingham Middle School for six years, is known for his enthusiasm and passion for teaching.

“He’s just like so nice. You always walk into his classroom and he’s always there with a positive attitude and maybe a compliment. He’s just so nice,” said student Summer Foraste.

The song’s message carried special meaning.

“It doesn’t matter who you love. When you love them, it just matters that you’re in love and you both really care about each other and want to be with each other,” another student said.

And Landis says the student’s acceptance of him for who he is means the world to him.

“I feel so open to now say, ‘Joe’ or ‘my husband and I’ did this and that and for the students to understand that, (yes), he does, and it’s about love and it’s totally OK,” Landis said.

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