It’s October, Right?

Yes, yes it is October.  You know it’s true when you consider how late the sun came up this morning (6:50am) and how early it went down this evening (6:12pm)!  But when we’re talking about temps in the mid 70s and dewpoints around 70°… Sure, it feels like October – “October in Florida!”  Seriously though, the weather today reminded me of the time I worked in the EPCOT parking lot as a cast member/tram driver.  It’s not an interesting story, but it’s a funny one… that’s for sure.  Oops, sorry.  I digress…

So, what we experienced today was the leftovers from what was once Hurricane Nate – but what is now Post Tropical Cyclone Nate.  As I wrote last night, for us this was just a rainstorm with a name attached to it.  With some more robust downpours earlier this morning to the NW of 495, some locations came in with totals of 0.75″ to just over an inch (Jaffery with an inch and change).  For the rest of us, totals were closer to 0.25″-0.50″, which is not all that impressive for a system with tropical roots – but it’s good we didn’t have to deal with any flooding issues.  The wind was a different story though, with wind gusts of 30-45mph there were some damage reports of tree limbs and power lines that were taken down.  While gusts are currently still up to around 35mph across the South Coast of New England, the wind will calm into the overnight hours.

It’s another mild night ahead, with lows in the mid to upper 60s again.  Like yesterday, it’s likely we see some “warm” low temps records broken for today, just before midnight:

Tomorrow is the return of summer.  Maybe that has some of you cheering a little inside – but I know there are many others (because I’m hearing you on Twitter) that are begging for fall to finally settle in.  To those who are not pumped about highs near 80° tomorrow, I have only one thing to say:  Remember how late spring and then summer were to arrive this year?  Maybe the seasons are just becoming a little more delayed… Which means – we’re NOT skipping fall… we’re just taking our time to get to it.

At least I think this bit of news will please everyone:  The humidity will lower gradually through the day tomorrow.  While it’s a muggy start, the afternoon is warm and much less humid under mostly sunny skies.  If you have the day off tomorrow, maybe you’ll consider beach plans.  Why not?

Wednesday through Friday will feature much cooler temps, much drier air, much more like fall.  Don’t worry, you’ll be craving that pumpkin spiced latte again very soon!  – Breezy  (P.S.  There are a lot of GIF’s that come up when I search “Pumpkin Spice.”  It’s entertaining: