(NBC) — A deputy in Central Oklahoma was fired after his K-9 officer died after being left in a car.

The Stephens County Sheriff’s office fired Deputy Matthew Beck after he left his K-9 deputy named Bak inside his car for 36 hours.

The deputy didn’t discover the dead animal until days later when he was back on duty.

The two had been partners for four years until the accident.

Now Bak’s name will be joining four other fallen deputies on a monument outside the Stephens County Courthouse.

“The handler has the utmost responsibility to make sure that the dog is well taken care of,” said Sheriff Wayne McKinney of the Stephens County Sheriff’s Office. “A tremendous amount of work goes into the dogs and not only with their dogs but with their handlers. Those two become partners. We will replace Bak and remember him, but we’ll continue.”

An investigation against Deputy Beck has been turned over to the District Attorney to decide if felony animal cruelty charges will be formally filed.


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