Keeping It Real…Cold

The cold rolls on as a series of arctic fronts will continue to traverse southern New England. Arctic Front Du jour will blast through here between 11am-2pm. When it comes through it will behave in a similar fashion as a summertime cold front, popping off isolated snow showers. These snow showers will be brief where they do occur but could coat the ground. Some towns won’t see a single flake all day but everybody gets the cold with highs only in the 20s.

Thursday offers much the same as yet another arctic front comes through New England. This front will come through later in the day perhaps affecting some of you in the evening commute. Again, they will be brief but could also be intense for 3-4 minutes. This will also be the last in a series of arctic fronts setting up Friday–the last day of meteorological winter–as a very cold day with daytime temps only in the low 20s.

Speaking of meteorological winter…..It’s been a long, cold winter (snowy too) but the folks at the national weather service crunched the numbers and this winter–in terms of cold–is not a top 10 winter…not even a top 25 winter! It will likely finish as the 54th coldest winter. Oh Snap….we are a bunch of complainers…haha.

The cold will ease a bit by the weekend.