Man lying in bed grazed by bullet in Dorchester

DORCHESTER (WHDH) — A man in Dorchester said he is lucky to be alive after he grazed in the head by a bullet while lying in bed.

Joaquim Daveiga said he was in bed in his home on Glendale Street when he thought he heard fireworks. It was actually gunfire outside when a bullet came flying through the window of his second-floor apartment. Daveiga said the bullet grazed the top of his head.

Daveiga’s daughter called 911 and he was taken to Boston Medical Center, where doctors found him to be uninjured.

“I was in the hospital. It’s OK. No problem,” Daveiga told 7News.

Daveiga was one of five people shot overnight Thursday in Boston. Another man in the street near Daveiga’s home was also shot. Around that time, two men were shot in Roxbury, one on Shawmut Avenue and one on Cedar Street. Police were also investigating a fifth shooting on Holworthy Street.

Daveiga said he felt well enough to go to work Thursday as a custodian at Boston Medical Center.

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