DEDHAM, MASS. (WHDH) - Matthew McCabe returned to the stand and his wife, Jennifer, began testimony Friday as the Karen Read murder trial continued in Norfolk Superior Court. 

The McCabes were at a party at the home of Brian and Nicole Albert on Fairview Road in Canton the night Boston police officer John O’Keefe died. The next morning, Jennifer was one of the women who, along with Read, found O’Keefe unresponsive in a snowbank outside the home. 

Prosecutors claim Read, who was dating O’Keefe, killed her boyfriend by running him over with her SUV as she dropped him off at the party on Jan. 29, 2022.

Read has pleaded not guilty and her defense has said she is being framed, saying O’Keefe actually died after a fight inside the Alberts’ house. 

In its theory, the defense has claimed the McCabes were involved in a cover-up after O’Keefe’s death, which the McCabes have denied.

Among other testimony Friday, both Matthew and Jennifer recalled the morning O’Keefe was found, including frantic phone calls with Read and a search for O’Keefe that ended back on Fairview Road.

New testimony follows Colin Albert cross examination

Matthew McCabe first faced questioning in court after an intense cross examination of Colin Albert beginning Thursday morning. 

A teenager at the time, the now-20-year-old Colin is one of several people the defense is trying to implicate in O’Keefe’s death. 

Among questions, the defense on Thursday pressed Colin on a photo showing him with bruised knuckles less than a month after O’Keefe died. The defense also asked about a pair of videos showing Colin making threats. The videos were taken when Colin was 16 and he said they related to an argument over a girl. 

“I will beat your [expletive],” he said in one video. “I will [expletive] you up.”

In another video, he said “K-O! Bang, bang!”

In earlier testimony, Colin said he has never been in a fight, except with his brothers. He also said he never threatened O’Keefe.

Matthew McCabe continues testimony

Near the end of the day Thursday, Matthew said he did not see anything in the yard as he eventually left the Albert house with his wife.

He said he went to bed at 2 a.m.

Hours later, he said, he woke up to screams in his bedroom.

Back on the stand on Friday, Matthew said Jennifer was on the phone and he heard someone screaming her name. The person on the other end of the phone turned out to be Read, Matthew said, and she had called saying she couldn’t find O’Keefe.

Matthew described mass confusion. He said he was unsure what happened and recalled calling other people he thought O’Keefe might have met up with.

Matthew said Read eventually showed up at he and Jennifer’s house. She was still screaming and continued yelling Jennifer’s name, Matthew said. Matthew said he asked his wife to tell Read to quiet down.

Matthew said Jennifer left the house with Read to look for O’Keefe. About an hour after the pair left, Matthew said, Jennifer called and told him they had found O’Keefe. Matthew said he got dressed and went over to the Alberts’ house.

Assistant District Attorney Adam Lally finished his direct examination near 9:45 a.m.

On cross examination, defense attorney David Yannetti asked Matthew if the mood was good when he was at a local bar with O’Keefe and others before celebrations moved to the Albert house the night O’Keefe died.

Matthew said O’Keefe and Read both seemed excited that O’Keefe’s niece, who he had been raising after his sister died, had been accepted into Bishop Feehan High School in Attleboro.

A day after Matthew testified to seeing a SUV that may have been similar to Read’s outside the Albert house on the night of Jan. 28, Yannetti tried to pin him down on the vehicle’s location.

Matthew smiled and Yannetti responded.

“Is something funny, sir?” Yannetti asked.

“Not at all,” Matthew said. “It’s been two years of misery.”

As cross examination continued, Yannetti asked Matthew about Juliana Nagel, who testified earlier this week.

Nagel was also at the Albert house the night O’Keefe died and said she got a ride home with Matthew and several other people after the evening’s celebrations. In her testimony, Nagel said she saw a “black blob” that she said may have been O’Keefe’s body in the snow as she left the Albert house. She said she mentioned what she saw to other people with her at the time.

On Friday, Matthew said he didn’t hear Nagel make that observation, adding that he was focused on driving and the snowy road ahead of him.

Matthew said he did not see a man on the lawn. He said he also did not see a sneaker, a ball cap, or pieces of a broken tail light, which investigators said they later found at the scene.

The defense next questioned Matthew regarding texts in a group chat with Jennifer and Brian and Nicole Albert. While questioning continued, attorneys held multiple sidebars with Judge Beverly Cannone to debate which texts should be shown to the jury.

In one text on Feb. 1, days after O’Keefe died, Matthew texted “Tell them the guy never went in the house.”

Matthew indicated “the guy” referred to O’Keefe but denied the message was an attempt to “get their story straight.”

Answering redirect questions from Lally, Matthew again said O’Keefe never entered the Alberts’ house the night he died.

Jennifer McCabe begins testimony

Jennifer McCabe began her testimony near 12:15 p.m.

A highly-anticipated witness in the Read trial, Jennifer began recounting her movements the day before O’Keefe died.

On Friday, Jan. 28, 2022, she said, she attended a high school basketball game. She said she later made her way to the Waterfall Bar & Grill, arriving near 9 p.m. with Matthew.

Jennifer said she liked Read, saying Read was easy to talk to. Both she and Read, Jennifer said, had dealt with MS.

At the Waterfall, Jennifer said, O’Keefe was excited his niece got into Bishop Feehan High School. While still at the Waterfall, Jennifer said, Read shared that she and O’Keefe had recently argued about her taking O’Keefe’s niece to Dunkin’.

Jennifer described additional memories from the evening at the Waterfall before the party transitioned to the Alberts’ house. Jennifer said she spoke to Read about heading back to the house.

Once at the Alberts’ house on Fairview Road, Jennifer said, she saw a dark SUV pull up. But, like several other witnesses, she said she never saw O’Keefe get out of the car.

After a lunch break, the jury saw text messages between Jennifer and O’Keefe in the hours before he died.

After discussing the text messages, Jennifer recalled her phone call of the day with Read. She said she got a call from O’Keefe’s niece shortly before 5 a.m. Read was screaming, she said, and soon got on the phone. Jennifer said Read told her she and O’Keefe had got into a fight and she left him at the Waterfall. Jennifer said Read told her O’Keefe never came home.

Read had a cracked tail light and kept screaming “Did I hit him?” Jennifer said.

After a few additional calls, Jennifer said, Read came to the McCabe home and continued screaming outside the house. Jennifer said she remembers Read yelling “Could I have hit him?”

Jennifer said she got in the car to search for O’Keefe with Read and another woman, Kerry Roberts. Once they got to the Albert house on Fairview Road, Jennifer said, Karen spotted O’Keefe’s body first. Jennifer said she called 911 and they started doing CPR.

As first responders were moving O’Keefe to the ambulance, Jennifer said, she Googled “How long does it take to die in the cold?” But she said Karen demanded she do so, saying she did not make the search on her own.

Jennifer said she heard Read tell an EMT “I hit him.” She said she did not offer the qualifier “I think I hit him.”

O’Keefe’s mother, who was in the courtroom, was emotional and had her head down as she heard Jennifer’s account of her son in the snow.

Court proceedings soon ended for the day, with Jennifer expected to return to the stand next week.

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