MIT engineer clears the way with self-driving snow blower

CAMBRIDGE, MASS. (WHDH) - Fed up with the snow, an engineer from MIT has built a hands-free snow blower that could change the way New Englanders clear their driveways.

Dane Kouttron started designing and building the prototype for a self-driving snow blower last year.

The machine is powered by a lithium battery that can keep the robot running for four hours continuously.

Kouttron decided to test his invention out on the sidewalks of Cambridge’s Denahey park Friday, and the sight attracted several curious onlookers.

“I think it is pretty cool,” Tyrell Moore said.

The snow blower uses GPS to keep track of where it is going and is able to avoid objects obstructing its path.

“I think on a larger scale I would be skeptical,” Monica Rubuehr said of the robot. She wants to see them used safely in parking lots before they were transferred to a park setting.

Kouttron says he still has some kinks to work out but he is looking into the possibility of getting his invention on the market someday in the future.

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