NECC pharmacist acquitted of murder in 2012 meningitis outbreak

BOSTON (AP) — A Massachusetts pharmacist charged in a deadly meningitis outbreak has been cleared of murder.

A Boston jury on Wednesday found Glenn Chin not guilty of causing the deaths of 25 people who were injected with mold-tainted drugs but convicted him of mail fraud and racketeering.

The 2012 outbreak that killed 76 people and sickened hundreds of others was traced to contaminated steroid injections made by the New England Compounding Center.

Chin oversaw the rooms where the drugs were made.

Chin’s attorneys tried to place the blame on the pharmacy’s co-founder, Barry Cadden.

Cadden was acquitted of second-degree murder but was convicted of conspiracy and fraud. He tearfully apologized to victims as he was sentenced in June to nine years in prison.

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