Well there you go. A little dose of humidity and everyone’s back in summer mode. That muggy air will do more than frizz your hair though, it’s currently feeding a broad ribbon of rain marching into New England.

We’ll see that approach from the west tomorrow, but the downpours wait until early Saturday to put the hammer down. I’m still anticipating rainfall amounts of 1-2 inches in many spots across Central Mass. and up to 1″ elsewhere. But the screaming message of the day? Well, that weekend forecast just got a whole lot better folks.

Sometimes it takes just one flap of the butterfly’s wings…and the weekend forecast turns around. I literally couldn’t believe my weather maps this afternoon: rain moves off swiftly Saturday, sun pokes out, temps jump into the 70s. Sunday starts with some sun, then we get some clouds and a pop up shower. Not too shabby in my book. Recall that yesterday I was worried about a washout Saturday and a murky, showery Sunday. Key to the forecast was a faster moving front Saturday. With the front moving offshore THEN stalling, it puts us a better position for clearing. It’s literally a matter of 75-100 miles.

So we pull out a decent weekend from the jaws of a washout. Not a bad practice run for next weekend.


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