Nice Midweek Weather

 OK America—-today is your chance to make a difference by voting and here in New England…absolutely no excuses in terms of the weather! Yes we are still in an active pattern as our next storm is already beginning to take shape for later this week but until that happens we have a couple of nice late fall days on tap.

A warm front is sliding through southern New England right now & that will deliver the goods throughout the day and it will also prevent that nasty, biting cold wind from returning. This time of year–as well as the upcoming 5 months–it really is about the wind. Thankfully for the day ahead we don’t have any so being outside for any length of time we be just fine. Temps reach the upper 50s later today under a partly sunny sky (mid 50s at the coast with a light sea breeze). Tomorrow offers similar weather just a few more clouds around.

By Thursday the aforementioned storm takes aim on New England. This latest in a series of storms will not be a coastal. The means it’s a warm storm so we’re only focused on raindrops. It will be a healthy dose of rain across southern New England by mid afternoon Thursday & into late Thursday Night. most towns will pick up near an inch of rain by the time the storm departs early Friday morning.

Drier weather returns during the day on Friday and for much of the weekend.

I’m Jeremy Reiner & I approve this message (blog).