North Shore voke school goes fully remote as Revere battles dangerous transmission levels

Northeast Metro Tech, a regional vocational school in Wakefield that draws most of its students from Revere, is reversing course and will start the school year under its fully-remote plan as Revere contends with what the governor described as “dangerously high levels of transmission.”

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The school had been planning to hold a week of remote learning starting Monday, Sept. 14, before proceeding with a hybrid model.

Instead, Superintendent David DiBarri said, all instruction will be remote until further notice.

“The last thing we wanted to do was to change our plan so close to the first day of school,” Superintendent David DiBarri said. “However, this is the reality our community faces and nothing matters more than keeping students, faculty and staff safe. The data surrounding this pandemic is ever-changing and we have been closely monitoring the situation in Revere. Ultimately, we feel this is the best decision for our District at this time, and we’d like to thank our students, families, faculty and staff for their cooperation and patience.”

Revere is one of 13 communities in the state’s highest-risk red category, indicating COVID-19 activity greater than the state average.

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Northeast Metro Tech said it will monitor the situation in Revere and could reinstitute the hybrid learning model, though officials cautioned any transition “would not happen immediately.”

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