BOSTON (WHDH) - Officials have given more information on what has been stalling construction with the North Washington Street Bridge.

Replacement work on the bridge, also known as the Charlestown Bridge, paused for almost a year when crews found what turned out to be 52 cracked welds in the bridge.

The federally funded project was originally scheduled to open next spring, with four lanes for cars, one lane for buses, and two lanes for pedestrians. But now it will not be completed until at least two years from now, officials estimate.

“We could not continue building this bridge with those cracks there because once the bridge is built, and it’s loading and we replace the deck, then it would be so much more difficult to replace these cracks,” Jim O’Leary of MassDOT said during a virtual meeting Tuesday night.

Officials took months to try and come up with a solution to the cracks, and their plan has been tested and approved.

“We’ve got to get this right, its going to be done slowly,” O’Leary said. “It’s going to be done, correctly.”

All cracks will be repaired by this December, officials said, but it won’t be fully complete until March 2025.

“Is there a possibility to extend working hours, or days?” Brian Halter, who attended Tuesday night’s meeting said. “So that we can ramp up this timeline?”

“We’ll be exploring all avenues to accelerate in terms of additional resources, or extended shifts, or overtime or weekend work,” Chris Barry, Project Manager for J.F. White Contracting, said.

People also voiced worries about traffic patterns, bicyclists, and pedestrians. Parents in particular shared concerns about their children, who cross the temporary bridge and use the crosswalks nearby to get to school and back.

“It is not safe – a child is going to get killed,” Jade Figueiredo said. “And that will be on all of your consciences.”

Parents are also asking for consistent crossing guards in the area. A Boston Police sergeant, who also attended Tuesday’s meeting, said there are officers assigned to the concerned area of the bridge at all times, and will look into the issue.

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