November Warmth

Looking down the road (that’s what us weather folk do), I think November–or at least the first half of the month will be warmer than normal. Our normal high temp is around 56 for this time of year but the daytime temps should reach the 60s for much of this week! Quite a difference when you look back at the past 3 Novembers when each of those years, November had colder than normal temps. In fact, a year ago today, portions of southeast MA had some light snow!

No snow this week with all that warm talk and no rain on tap either as High Pressure has found a home here in New England and will hang with us for a few days. I do think a weak weather system comes at us on Thursday through early Friday but because it appears to be weak, clouds will show up but only a few sprinkles from those clouds are expected at this time. Despite the clouds & sprinkle threat, temps still climb above normal–upper 60s both days!