NYC explosion brings back memories of Marathon bombing

BOSTON (WHDH) - The bombing in New York City brought back memories of the Boston Marathon bombing.

The two share some similarities.

For those who lived through the Boston Marathon Bombing, what happened in NYC Saturday night brought back horrific memories from Patriot’s Day 2013.

Former State Police Colonel Timothy Alben was at the front lines of the investigation.

“Well it sounds very familiar obviously,” said Alben. “They’re looking at explosives, the discussion over pressure cookers, so it brings up a lot of memories from the Boston Marathon bombing…”

He said that what they’re trying to do in NYC is collect all the evidence to find out who’s responsible.

Alben believes that since events like the marathon bombing and other terror attacks, security has increased great at concerts, sporting events and popular tourist destinations.

He also believes the concern now should be other areas that may be more vulnerable, like the NYC neighborhood Saturday.

Massachusetts State Police released a statement Monday morning:

Massachusetts State Police at the Commonwealth Fusion Center (CFC) have checked identification information for AHMAD KHAN RAHAMI, a person of interest in the Manhattan explosion investigation, against multiple databases and systems. The CFC also continues to search open source and social media. To this point, no nexus between RAHIMI and the state of Massachusetts has been found. That statement is qualified by the fact that it is accurate as of this time; further investigation by the CFC will be conducted if new intelligence about RAHAMI is developed.

The CFC will continue to monitor all developments in the investigation into the Manhattan incident, as well as the incidents in New Jersey, Philadelphia, and Minnesota.

Meanwhile, the State Police will enhance security operations for this Thursday’s Patriots game at Gillette Stadium, as we did for yesterday’s game. Additionally, MSP troopers will increase frequency of patrols through public transit stations and regional transportation centers within their barracks jurisdictions, to supplement Transit Police.

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