NEW YORK (WHDH) - An elderly couple is capturing hearts everywhere after a passenger snapped a picture of the two lovebirds riding the subway in New York.

Blake Ricker felt the need to capture the moment when the oblivious couple shared an endearing moment.

“You could tell they were just in awe with each other,” he said. “It melted my heart.”

Ricker had just gotten off of a 10-hour nursing shift at a nearby hospital and said this was just what he needed to see after a tough day.

“When I got off the train, I noticed how great the photo capture the moment,” he recalled. “I was like, ‘I’ve got to find these people.'”

Ricker posted the photo to Facebook and Instagram in hopes that he would be able to connect with the couple.

One week later, the couple’s daughter-in-law noticed the picture. She reached out to Ricker saying “they were busted” while out on a date for their 64th wedding anniversary.

“She said their family didn’t want them on the subway running around,” Ricker said.

The couple was flattered by the attention but are choosing to stay out of the spotlight.

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