Patience Is A Virtue

Patience Grasshopper. Truer words have never appeared in a New England weather blog during the month of April. Uughhh So many things to love about the New England Climate but when a pattern like this sets up (cool flow from the ocean) it can be trying times for New Englanders. At least it’s not June-July-August.

Your Tuesday is loaded with a chilly wind, clouds and even some sprinkles at times. That wind will make it feel like a day in early March–without the sun–even worse! The irony is that all of this weather isn’t from a storm, rather an area of High Pressure located across southern Canada which the flow around the pressure system is from the east. That flow scoops up cool, raw, moist air off the Atlantic and tosses it into New England.

Wednesday isn’t much better and as the day goes on the weather gets worse with a light then heavy rain developing. This rain is from a powerful storm (the same one causing all sorts of severe weather) and this storm sweeps into New England during the day tomorrow & tomorrow night. We don’t have to worry about severe weather here (you can thank that chilly air for protecting you from EF-3 tornadoes) but we will see some locally heavy rain late tomorrow-early Thursday morning with most towns between 1-2″ of rain expected.

The only good news with this storm is that it will dislodge the cool, raw air from New England. It’s a slow process so look for temps in the 50s on Thursday with lingering clouds but those temps will bounce up near 70 by Friday afternoon under a mostly sunny sky.